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Small apartment house in Crown Point (listing)
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Sasha Singh

Guest Report

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I would not even call this place a resort!!!
#1: It is NOT worth the PRICE.
#2: Place was dirty
#3: There was a dead, dry up cockroach upon entering the bathroom for the very first time. This goes to show that the rooms were NOT being cleaned on a regular basis
#4: After the very first night; my friends and i awoke to see a half dead cockroach on the bedroom floor. When we told the owner he said maybe it came out of our travel bags.
#5: The bathrooms were very yucky looking. There was slime on the bathroom sliding door.
#6: While showering you could look outside the bathroom window and view a tree; so that mean anyone can climb on the tree and see you showering.
#7: We asked for extra bedsheets and it was full of HOLES
#8: The a/c was not functioning. The owners fixed it but it only worked for a while. So the first night was a really HOT night for the group.
#9: The pictures of the rooms on the internet is NOT a true reflection of the rooms. The room we stayed is far from that picture.
#10. The pool was ok but dirty

There are alot more better places in Tobago for this same price that will be totally worth it!!!

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