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3 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Michelle Harris

Guest Report

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Ideal for the beach clean but basic. no tins/trays/ pots to use in the oven rendering it a bit useless but lots of saucepans and the barbi belonged on a scrap heap . but as i said before ideal location very quiet apart from a couple off occasions when some locals decided to park out side playing exceptionally loud music in their car . bar next door is great make sure you go on wedensdays bongo night great fun and the rum punch will knock you off your feet so watch out!! i would go again .

Alison Moss
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Re: Guest Report

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Thanks to Michelle for her review and for awarding us 5 stars.

We were sorry to hear that the tray in the oven was missing. We always advise our guests to contact our local manager Porridge if anything is missing or broken or not as expected and he will always do his utmost to rectify it straightaway. If these guests had mentioned the missing tray we feel certain it would have been replaced immediately. We were surprised to hear about the state of the barbecue as this was purchased within the last two years. As we are situated right on the beach, sometimes the sea air can deteriorate things like this a little sooner than we'd like. We constantly strive to ensure that everything we provide is in good working order.

Alison and the Beach House Team.

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