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3 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Guest Report

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It was my first time in Tobago and in Castara. A friend of mine was there twice and the last time he stood at the Beach House.
I booked one week upstairs at the Coconut Height and one week downstairs.
Coconut Height: It is a very lovely, very clean, large thought out apartment. The balcony is so huge, I would assume it's over a half of the apartment. It feels like one huge room even the sleeping room, bathroom, shower and the clothes room are kind of separated. The view is breath taking, when it goes bright or when you watch the sunset and you just walk 30 seconds to swim in the Caribbean Sea. The apartment is mainly shadowy, what's in the view of the heat, very comfortable. But outside of the entry is a small terrace where you can make a barbecue or just take a sunbath in the early afternoon.
The whole very beautiful house is build from wood and love of the nature and the island. The area is very quiet if you don't mind to hear the sea 24/7 or the music from the boathouse or out of the cars from people who meets there. I didn't mind because I loved everything of it and I was on vacation. You can feed the birds and hummingbirds or the bats in the evening with sugar water.
You can see the fishermen going out in the morning and at the afternoon you can watch the sting rays close to the beach from the balcony when the fishermen throw the fish craps back into the sea.
The time when I was there the owner Carol and Graham were also there. Both are very loveable, in my opinion adorable, people which I enjoyed also very much. After three days I decided to stay upstairs and since Carol and Graham would have just moved upstairs when I were supposed to move downstairs it wasn't a problem to schedule it.
Since I was alone on vacation I felt very safe there. Sometimes I went to bed and realized the next morning that I left the key in the lock outside. I don't want to say that you should try it but just show how safe I felt. The residents of Castara are very nice too. I felt welcome the whole time and not just because I was a tourist.
My conclusion: I'd come back to Castara always and I'm recommending the Beach House to everyone who wants to learn to know the meaning of 'Welcome to paradise'.

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