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3 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Gill Overton

Guest Report

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We stayed at The Beach House for two weeks in April. This was the 7th time we had stayed there, and it won't be the last.
From the moment we arrived, we felt all our stresses just drift away.
We find the noise of the waves at night relaxing, although some light sleepers might need ear plugs, as local dogs and cockerels don't always respect the quiet of night time ! I love waking up to the sounds of the birds, and sitting on the deck watching the bay come to life.
The Beach House is always spotlessly clean when we arrive, and Carlene (sp ?) comes by every 3 or so days to change the bedding and towels . There are brooms and mops provided for your use during your stay.
The kitchens are well provided with plenty of utensils and pots and pans. We tend to eat in mostly, as my husband is a keen fisherman , and you just can't beat freshly caught mahi mahi , kingfish or tuna. There are several stores in the village selling fruit and vegetables, although we do tend to go to DJ's shop on the corner of the road to the big beach. He is such a lovely man, and stocks all sorts of things in his shop as well as fruit and veg.
The apartments all have hummingbird feeders, which , this year in particular , have attracted loads of humming birds , including the spectacular Ruby Topaz. If you want an amazing spectacle, leave the feeders out at night and watch the bats come and take the sugar water. (or take the feeders down at night if you don't like bats !)
The Boathouse restaurant next door, hold drumming and music nights on a Wednesday evening. These are good fun, and the rum punch is great !
Porridge and Jeanell who look after visitors to the Beach House, are always a delight, and SO helpful.
We always take a trip or two out birding with Newton George, who is a fantastic bird guide. He will pick you up from Castara if you don't have transport. This year we went over to Trinidad with him for a day..amazing experience, especially seeing the Scarlet Ibis come in to roost on the Caroni Swamp.
If you want to go fishing, then Anaconda is your man. He is now based at Buccoo but will collect you from Little Bay. Another good guy is Jade who has a boat in Castara.
To sum it up, the Beach House for us is perfect, and I have never been more at peace than when I'm lying in the hammock listening to the waves, and watching the frigate birds sail overhead.
Can I come back next week please ??

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