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myTobago Review

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 6:25 pm
by Steve Wooler
We concluded our 2006 review of The Beach House by saying...

"Make no mistake. This is not accommodation that would suit everyone. The rooms here are not sealed air-conditioned cells. The entire frontage of the upper apartment is open to the elements, forming what I can only describe as an inside-outside balcony or terrace. Probably 80% of the entire outer wall space is open to the natural elements, either totally, or via simple wooden shuttered windows. The sun has just set and a large fruit bat has started his nightly patrol between the trees at either end of the house front. I could put my hand over the balcony rail and touch it, if it wasn’t far too clever and sensitive to be fooled that easily. A small chameleon came in earlier today and fascinated us with its changes of colours as it moved about the furniture, trying to disguise itself. I was nearly zapped by a tiny pair of courting yellow, black and white Bananaquits earlier today. A few minutes later they were mating in the breadfruit tree, just five feet away.

Those who love wildlife and who want a more “back to basics” holiday experience, but with good standards of comfort, will love the Beach House and Coconut Heights in particular. At this moment in time, near the end of our stay, I would say that we would prefer to return here rather than spend the final week of our 2006 tour of Tobago in the island’s most popular luxury hotel, as arranged. However, you adapt and you move on.

Possibly because of the décor, possibly because of the warm welcome of Graham and Carole, Porridge and Jeanelle, we felt immediately at home. Coconut Heights was just so ‘us’. It is with very much regret that we leave the Beach House tomorrow."

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Re: myTobago Review

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:55 am
by Steve Wooler
Given the extensive development of Castara's Little Bay in recent years, we were intrigued to find out whether the Coconut Heights apartment at The Beach House could still be counted as one of our personal favourite holiday accommodations on Tobago. Having spent a week there at the end of February this year, I have to say that there is no question of doubt about it.

Our full review is available at