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3 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Terry & Kathy

Guest Report

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We are unable to grade higher than 3 as the description on the website is perfectly accurate, but, for us it was the perfect location and we have no complaints.
Do NOT expect 5* luxuy but if like us you are looking for a casual, practical and get away from it all location then this place is for you.
Where else can you slip out of bed and be in the sea withing seconds? Who needs a shower and teeth clean when you can fall into the Caribbean for a wake me up wash? Brilliant.

Take little notice of the so called rooster complaints or vendors selling goods to you as with us it was never a problem.
The Caribbean without chickens is like a pub without beer and let's face it, no chickens equates to no eggs which neans no breakfasts and no chicken curries so learn to live with them.
However, if you feed them then expect early visitors as with the local dogs so entirely up to you.

We also must dismiss the myth of unfriendly locals who are so used to tourists they seem them as everyday village folk, so say "Hi" to them and you might be surprised how friendly they are, even the bread ladies. We found them all just fine.

Do visit Cheno's coffee shop in the village for casual dining and a warm welcome from such a nice guy. Sharon's cooking next door at the Boathouse is difficult to equal especially if you are a veggie as she will go out of her way to fix you up with whatever you want if given a bit of notice.

With Porridge you will make your own mind up!
An excellent example of happy communication and personality prior to the computer age, twitter, facebook etc.
Remember him well as such personalities are a dying breed and a sign of future generations who will not be able to communicate in this manner.

Sorry we broke a glass but we can only hold the strength of home made rum punches to blame !!!!!!

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