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2 apartments in Bon Accord (listing)
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Guest Report

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My husband and I were staying at one of the apartments of Villa Bellefleur for 3 weeks in February/March 2012.
The Villa has to floors - the two rental apartments on the ground floo, above lives the landlady's nephew or the landlady herself when she comes over from Trinidad.

The two apartments are quite big. You have a lot of space in the living room and kitchen, the bedroom(s) and the bathroom. Everything looks good and it has nice furniture (table with chairs plus sofas and TV in the living room, comfy beds and enough cupboards for all your clothes). The kitchen is very well equipped (oven, microwave, blender, coffee and tea maker...).
The villa has a very nice garden. On the small patio in front of the apartment are a garden table and chairs so you can sit and eat outside. As the entrances/patios of the apartments are on different sides of the villa, you won't notice other guests if you don't want to.
Also the villa has a BBQ pit you can use, aswell as washing machine + dryer.
Once a week a housekeeper is coming for cleaning the apartment and changing towels and linens.

If you are 2-4 people and don't need a swimming pool, these apartments are really perfect, I'd say. You have the same space, interior and comfort as in a rental villa, but the apartment is much cheaper.

Villa Bellefleur is located in the same area as all the rental villas in Bon Accord development. It's a quiet and nice-looking area, that is in walking distance to everything you need (beaches Pigeon Point and Store Bay, restaurants, small shops, airport, banks, main road, ...).

Diane (the landlady of Villa Bellefleur) is a very nice person that looks after her guests and the apartment very good. She quickly responds to e-mails and if you need anything she tries to do/fix it very quick.

We've been to Tobago eight times and have seen a lot there. Villa Bellefleur is really nice and we can recommend it to everyone who wants to go there!

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