Villa Iguana - Beautiful

1-bedroom apartment at Pleasant Prospect (listing)
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Michelle Edwards

Villa Iguana - Beautiful

Post by Michelle Edwards »

We stayed at an accomodation called Villa Iguana. It is down a very small road in Pleasant Prospect (between Mt Irvine and Black Rock), and the best direction I can give is go to the Ocean View bar and ask. It is 1 minute walk from back bay, one of my favourite beaches, and exceptinally clean.

Villa Iguana has 2 self contained apartments one 1 bed apt and one 2 bed apt, beautifully decorated, wonderfully spacious and overlooking the Carribean Sea.

It is accessed by a side gate and you enter the apartment through french doors framed by lovely white lace curtains. This airy apartment then opens up in front of you to a large living area with open plan kitchen. The decor is very clean and tasteful with white lace curtains and delicate colors in the bedrooms (Complete with Mosquito nets drapped romantically from the ceiling). There are slats on either side of the windows which let through the refreshing ocean breezes.

There is no aircon but fans are provided, I must admit we did not miss the aircon as I think it would have been a noisy intrusion on this wonderful setting.

When you step onto the balcony you can hear the waves crashing against the rocks and we spent a few evenings sipping a rum and taking in the atmosphere.

The owner Rodney has taking to leaving fruit our for the Iguanas below the apartment and if you are lucky around 10.30am you will see Harold a huge iguana taking elevenses.

This accomodation is not listed and I know Steve tries to list them all I will put the contact details here and maybe he could visit next time he's there.

Villa Iguana
Pleasant Prospect

It is owned by a local Tobagan guy called Rodney however, he has a manager called Gus whom deals with the bookings.

Telephone - Tobago 639 0089
Email - [email protected]

The rates are $US40.00 for the 1 bed apt and $US60.00 for the 2 bed apt.

Highley recommended!!! :lol:

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Steve Wooler
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Hi Michelle

Welcome back. I'm glad that you seem to have such an excellent holiday on Tobago. Why am I not surprised?

As you know, I had not listed Villa Iguana because we had no contact details. They have no website and I didn't know any agents. Thanks to your efforts, Rodney emailed me on Monday and I have written back with the questions we need answering in order to add Villa Iguana to our Accommodation/Apartments listings.

I'm sure they are lots of other small establishments on Tobago we may have missed, so I am always grateful when readers let me know of any they find. It's our aim to list EVERY holiday accommodation outlet on Tobago and there's no charge or anything, so no establishment is excluded.

By the way, Michelle, I know Gus of Sunrise Tours. Nice guy, isn't he? He's also the manager of Paradise Found Villa at Mt.Irvine where we stayed during our last visit.
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Michelle Edwards

Post by Michelle Edwards »

Hi Steve,

Yes, Gus is great and does a great job for Rodney, we have already booked our jeep of Gus for Christmas and when we left Rodneys place Gus still looked after our bags when we went down to Back Bay.

We told Rodney about your site and he made us promise we would tell you about his wonderful Villa, however, he obviously didn't understand about jet lag and could not wait for us to do it.

Rodney is great at the PR side he will go on turtle watch for you, take you to Sunday school and ensure you experience real Tobago including a selection of his uncles varying from a construction worker to ex Policeman.

We also met Frankie at Blue Waters, there were a few tours going out but we picked Frankie on your advise and wow, what an excellent guide and how much does he know.

Thanks again for your help and advise and if you get chance pop to Ocean View bar and have a drink with Rodney.


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