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Sasha Singh

Guest Report

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As I told Ms. Brathwaite I would be writing this report so here goes....

Firstly I never stayed at Viola's, and after the attitude I got from Ms. Brathwaite herself, the owner I don't think that I would ever stay at Viola's in a million years.I was trying to get a place to stay for the Carnival wknd in Tobago but alot of places were booked and Viola's was the only place I got to accommmodate my budget.One of the girls there who's relatively new, Fiola did not know of the minimum 4 nights stay for this period,I must say however her attitude towards me over the phone was far better than Ms.Brathwaite. Unaware of this she made the booking for me and it was just for me to make the payment the following day.
Before I headed to the bank I called to let her know that I was going to make the payment.However it seemed as thought things were not in my favor as one of the other girls informed me that I had to make a minimum reservation for 4 nights. I asked to speak to the manager hoping that she'll be a little understanding as I tried to explain to her it will be my first time to Tobago as well as my boyfriend's b'day that week and Tobago will be the perfect getaway from the Carnival environment from Trinidad.However her attitude was abhorrent.
I asked her nicely to make an exception and she told me that if she bends the rule that gives her staff leeway to bend the rules as well.So I told her that we are staying 3 nights just one night short of the minimum stay. She told me she'll call me back but she never did. I called several times that day and I couldn't get on to her. I called back today (18/09/07) and I got on to her.
Again with her distasteful attitude she audaciously said NO we can't make an exception for you and hung up.
I called back to put her in her place but I started talking to one of her staff member who said she wasn't around. So I told her politely to tell Ms.Brathwaite it's not very nice to hang up the phone on people especially me being a potential customer to her business. Also it seems to me to that Ms.Brathwaite only thinks along the line of money and nothing else.Because anyone reading this and is into business will know that in order to win some you have to lose some.For if I were given the opportunity to stay in her place for the 3 nights I would have gladly recommended others depending on how pleasant my stay would have been.
Eventually Ms.Brathwaite came on the phone and started talking to me in her distasteful tone of voice and I told her by word of mouth her reputation can easily be ruined. I must say she is very boastful about her business as she told me that she is in business for 14 successful years and anyone who reads this would not believe me.And also said she's not going "to cut her nose to spoil her face"
I think that Ms.Brathwaite is in dire need off some course in dealing with people especially over the phone as your tone of voice can say alot about you. Also know that when you are like that to a potential customer you don't lose one customer,you lose hundreds of customers.Ms Brathwaite, there are alot of businesses,large ones too, who lost customers due to a bad reputation and if you continue with your audacious,despicable attitude you are going to chase rather than attract customers.
Also you should try to take a lesson in giving quality service from Fiola.She might of made a mistake by not informing me with all the information but be mindful that her personality and expectations ironically surpasses yours,the manager.
Anyways all the best in your business.

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