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Guest Report

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:47 am
by Anthony Bosecke
Wow! I have 0 to complain about. We were treated great. It was quiet and peaceful. The room was absolutely superb and everything it was supposed to be. Huge bedroom, great sitting/dining room and a good sized and well stock kitchen.
Everything was in good to very good shape (well, except for some of the shutters need to be re-aligned. The owners congenial and knowledgable about the multitude of hummers and other birds on the property.
I very easy and casual walk about the property revealed a number of bird species, and other flora and fauna.
The balcony/porch was a fantastic place to lounge or eat our meals.
Without a doubt we will return and this time stay for at least a week.
Also what is great is that it is very easy to find or drive to, has good access to grocery store and restaurants but more importantly puts you within a short commute to most anywhere on the island.