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5 cottage/apartments at Castara (listing)
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Sarika Maharaj

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It was a special trip for my 35th Birthday!I knew exactly what I wanted, the sights and sounds and general ambience that I wanted to be emersed in and most importantly,wake up to.

I found it all at Blue Mango!

An innocuous looking place upon arrival but I was soon swooning when I looked out from my deck onto Castara.. the village, the fishing community, the coastal road winding down into Big Bay and Little Bay, all backdropped by the Main Ridge (the first Protected Area in the Western Hemisphere). The panoramic view from Blue Mango was worth much more than I had spent on the accommodation here and anywhere else I have ever visited.

The infrastructure of Blue Mango is unpretentious, basic, quirky and charming, with self contained wooden cottages and most importantly for me..unobtrusive. No phones, radio, AC or television (as I said..basic) but that's really not what you will be coming to Castara for anyway right?!

I loved that I could buy FRESH fish from the depot every day, walk down to the private beach or hop/swim over to either of Castara's beaches. Or jump in my car and drive to ANYWHERE. Castara is not far at all from the main areas..20 minutes to Bucco or need to be stuffed into the concrete areas like Store Bay or Buccoo.

Castara is definitely one of the best areas to stay in Tobago and Blue Mango is a big winner!

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