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3-bedroom cottage in Charlotteville
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Steve Aardweg

Guest Report

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I stayed at the Bungalow a few years back.
I liked the fact that it was in a neighborhood - which at 1st I was a bit nervous about. If the neighbors make noise - tough luck. I like to sleep at night, so that was a concern.As it turned out - no problems.
A couple years later I stayed at Man of War cottages - considered the best in town. I liked them, but everybody in town knows that the rich Americans stay there, and there was a fairly constant daily appearance of yet someone else wanting a hand-out or to sell you something. Well - the Fruit King was OK - buy your fruit right

The Bungalow needs more fans [as of several years back] - it's hot and humid in Tobago and no AC. I was by myself, so I had 2 on me so I could sleep.
LOVED the roof deck - have a drink and stare at the stars.

NOT fancy, just a home in Tobago to call your for a week or two.


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