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4 bedroom cottage at Grange Beach. ([url=
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Jim Garbutt

Guest Report

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We would rather keep this place a secret but...

Four of us stayed for two weeks. We had originally planned to stay at Castara but we're glad we changed. Grange is much closer to groceries and other amenities but we felt the beach was actually more private at Grange since we were the only ones living there.

It may be more peaceful at Castara as the road passes by closey behind Grange cottage but it is not noticed much over the sounds of the surf. It was most noticable earlier in the morning while still in bed.

The house is quite basic but has all that is needed. The kitchen in well stocked, microwave, gas range, large fridge, drip coffee maker and lots of pots pans and utensils (no potato masher though). The BBQ is not a type I have experienced before and it took me some getting used too. Full size washer and dryer down stairs. The photos are absolutely representative.

The house has no A/C but we found it was not needed at all due to the shaded location and proximity to the sea (40 steps away).

We had no troubles with insects and did not unpack the netting we had brought with us.

Snorkeling was great just off the beach in front of the house.

Our booking and arrival all went without a hitch.

We stayed at Sea Shell Villas in 2006. That place has daily housekeeping and a pool and A/C. None of that was missed one bit by us. We had the whole of Grange beach to ourselves much of the time and when others were there, there was still lots of privacy.

The tree and iguana in the review photo are much larger.

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