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2 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Florian Jeschke

Guest Report

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This was the sixth time I went to Tobago, but the first time I stayed in Toad Hall in Castara.

From the first contact, Steve was a firendly guy. Every mail was answered quickly and we had the chance to pay via paypal. He arranged a pick up from the airport with Taylors car rental (very good!).

When we arrived Look-Up, the guy who cares about the visitors was waiting for us. The first impression was really good and we had our first beer with some local guys outside the house.

The house is well equipped, the moskitonets are safe around the beds. The kitchen holds everything you need ( a new peeling knife would be good). The bathroom is clean and spacious, you have also hot water for the shower(we did not use it).

In the evening time the veranda is a really nice place, where we hang around a lot of time. You also have a big barbecue grill where we had some excellent fish.

Rita changed our sheets every third day and took care about the cleaniness.

The house is perfect for a couple, or two good friends or a couple with one kid.

You have two small shops. just five minutes up or down the street, where you can buy the daily needs. A little bit more down the street you have a bar where you can buy beer and rum. It is 5 minutes to the small beach in castara (10 minutes back, because then it is up the hill). The busstation is across the street (maybe you are the lucky one who gets the bus).

There are some things in and around the house which are not perfect, but the surrounding and the setting of Toad Hall makes them not so serious.

I would like to say thank you to Steve and especially to Look-Up, he is a great guy and arrange nearly everything for you.

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