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2 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Edda Rose

Guest Report

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We spent a total of 3 weeks at Castara. Of these 3 weeks we stayed one week in Leapfrog and the remaining time in Toad Heights.Toad Heights was definitely the better choice!
Prior to our arrival we had close contact with Steve, who then also offered to pick us up from the airport. That was great because we were not as initially familiar with Caribbean customs. However, this has changed rapidly, especially Steve and Rita have we been all outstanding issues with words and deeds. We enjoyed our stay not only in Castara itself, but in particular in Tod Hall very much and we hope that we will soon come back to Tobago.

The location of Tod Hall was great. All venues, shoppings and other facilities were within walking distance.
All kind of people we met in Castara were nice and helpful. Such helpfulness you get really not going anywhere and we were very impressed about this.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to a successful holiday, and in particular we would say "thank you" to Steve and Rita.

The warmest greetings from Germany, Edda and Horst

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