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Guest Report

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:55 am
by Mia Harris
A group of five of us stayed at Castara Villas in Leapfrog and Tadpoles after carnival. It was a lovely haven of chilled out countryside after being in hectic carnival in Trinidad for 2 weeks. We loved being amongst the rainforest and appreciated the natural environment, the chickens, cats, agoti and beautiful hummingbirds. We also visited waterfalls which you could swim in about 10 minutes walk from the villas. Castara is a very chilled out place exactly what we wanted, enough going on at night but generally fairly quiet and peaceful and really friendly.

Castara villas is very close to the small beach and a 5-10 minute walk from both beached so its a very good location and its really nice being able to walk everywhere day and night. It is hilly so for older people or children its worth knowing this.

We found Steve and Rita really accommodating and we were very happy with the accommodation. We spent a lot of time on the veranda of Leapfrog and it felt very relaxed and some days we spent the whole day chilling out on the veranda. The facilities were good and clean and really nicely made. We cooked at home a lot and there were plenty of local shops. The ATM did not always work though so best to be prepared and bring cash.

Lookup was also very helpful and we went on a boat/fishing trip with him which was one of our best days in Castara, the coastline is beautiful and it was nice explore and Lookup was great to hang out with and he took us to some great places and we caught and cooked the best fish I have ever had.

We really enjoyed our stay and Steve, Rita and Lookup were very helpful. We would definately stay there again and did not want to leave!