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2-bedroom cottage in Castara
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Eric Cruise

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We recently enjoyed 5 days at Young's House and recommend the place highly. Other reviews are quite accurate, so I'll limit my comments to a few things I don't recall seeing in other reviews.
1. The place is not as private as photos might lead you to believe. The house is located directly on a narrow, paved road. Parking is on the road and other vehicles have to squeeze by all day & night. We had no problems with this, but it caused some worry at times. There are other houses directly next door on both sides and behind.
2. Bring earplugs if you want to sleep later than 2AM , as that is when the multiple neighborhood roosters start crowing.
3. Cooling the sleeping area can be a challenge if it's warm & muggy. The AC is not functional, but there is a nice oscillating fan. The problem is, there are no screens on the windows and the fan can't blow much air through the insect netting that surrounds the bed.
4. Other guests have mentioned the bats that swoop around at dusk and early evening. Don't let them freak you out! Enjoy watching them, or ignore them completely. If you don't want them in the bedroom, just close the door.
5. Boathouse Restaurant is a few steps out the front door and is the most convenient place for a drink or a meal. If you read reviews of the place, you'll see that food and service are great when the owner is on-premises...and not so great when she's away. We found this to be true. When owner wasn't there , service was spotty (employees on cell phones or wandering away somewhere, food was often unavailable) and price of drinks went up.(I assumed that employees were adding a bit to the price and pocketing the difference)When owner is there, service is good, food is great, and drinks are cheaper.
6. Be sure to get all your groceries on the way. Once you're here, options are VERY limited.

Don't read too much into the comments. We enjoyed this place very much. Iris is great to deal with and the price makes Young's House a great choice for relaxation and/or a good location from which to explore the island.

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