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3 apartments at Stonehaven Bay (listing)
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David Sharratt

Guest Report

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We selected Bayview Villa for our holiday mostly on the strength of reports from previous users.
We rented the ground floor, which is a two berth (double) villa with a private balcony & use of the pool & gardens.
The pool is shared with the remaining two floors but since the maximum occupancy is 10 this should never be a problem. The gardens are very steep & forested and do give the impression that the villa is very secluded despite the nearby road.
First impressions were mixed since the pool looked as if it had not been used for several days & water was distinctly green.
However, once the very friendly staff arrived for work the following morning & the pool filters switched on, things rapidly improved.
Bacause we were holidaying in the rainy season, the centre villa, which is usually enjoyed by the owner, was empty most of the time, the arrangement with the agent was very relaxed. We were left to get on with things, which is exactly what we wanted, although we also knew that the agent was only a telephone call away if needed.
The villa itself we found to be an absolute gem of a place to stay - I would have given it the top rating if it had not been above average from a cost perspective.
Anyone with a propensity to moan will find minor things to complain about but then this is the Caribbean, I would have it no other way!

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