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3 apartments at Stonehaven Bay (listing)
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Hazel Acco

Guest Report

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My husband and I arrived and there was no one to meet us. Having lingered for some time trying to get information and calling the number given to us, my husband saw the visitors at the Captains Quarters and was given a contact number.Two(2) hours after our arrival we were met and given a key to enter the apartment.It was a mirror view of whats posted on the net, cozy, romantic and inviting. The lush garden, temperature controlled pool and the birds were a bonus. When I was not at the beach I was in the pool. However, there was no housekeeping service for our entire stay of three (3) nights, had to call and enquire where to put the garbage.In addition to no wifi internet access,no dvd player,no bathrobes, no cellphone all as advertised. Really wanted to extend our stay but the circumstances mentioned curtailed us. Lastly a larger aircondition unit and more cooking utensils are needed. Nevertheless, my next visit will be to the captains quarters.

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Re: Guest Report

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As the manager and booking agent for Bayview Villa, I would once again like to apologise for not being there in person to meet and greet at the villa. I did try to re-confirm your exact arrival time by email a couple days before, with no luck (i.e. I received no reply back), and I unfortunately did not have a cell # to call, either.

Regarding the lack of service, as the housekeeper herself explained to you, her Sabath falls on a Saturday and so, having the apartment ready from the Friday, she was mistakenly thinking that your 3-night visit would end on the Monday and so she passed you over on the Monday, as that is our standard 'check-out day' policy here at Bayview. As a result, on her behalf, I would also like to apologise for you then having to dispose of your own garbage.

In my initial email contact with all our guests, it is yes true that we promise use of a mobile phone, but we also clearly state that this is a courtesy reserved for the convenience of our FOREIGN guests only. Locals, we assume, have their own cell phones.

Regarding the internet being down, it is a pity that I was not called, as such matters can be quickly rectified once we are made aware of the problem.

All in all I can see why this may have left you feeling a bit cheated, though, and on behalf of all of us here at Bayview, I would like to apologise and say thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, so that we can learn and improve upon the service we provide to you NEXT time and future guests.


In particular, TWO lessons learned: always ask for a contact number and ensure that guests send e.t.a. details by email, as telephone conversations can too easily be forgotten when you're on the road.

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