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5-bedroom villa at Mount Irvine
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Carl Cassim

Guest Report

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This report relates to Calabash Villa /house located on Jacamar Drive overlooking
the Mt.Irvine golf course in Tobago
I would advise caution to anyone contemplating using this property for vacation.
The price is attractive,the property itself is spacious, well furnished bedrooms,airy living /recreation area, but the kitchen appliances need attention - refrigerator and stove are well below par - you need a bit of ingenuity in getting the stove to function properly.
The water supply is a problem - especially if your group is large - housekeeping is scheduled three days a week and the housekeeper washes the linen and towels -which combined with normal laundry and personal usage needs of a large group
puts a train on the water supply which consists of six (6) 400 gallon tanks fed from the island water supply.
There is some uncertainty re the reliability of the main water supply - according to the agents/realtors for the house it is unreliable - from persons around who are resident on the island water to supply to the Mt Irvine area is good and not a problem.
Our experience has been totally different- within three days of our arrival we were down to two tanks of water- we called both the house agent and the water authority (WASA) to ask for a truck borne water supply as it was close to the weekend and the housekeeper was scheduled to do her cleaning the next day.
The agent assured us that he would make the report and that we should get water within the next day or two - saying it depended on WASA's scheduling.
In an effort to expedite matters we contacted WASA to plead for help
WASA was very helpful and willing to help,but on checking their records found that water rates were in arrears and there was no request made for water. WASA
personnel however promised that they would call the house agent who had said that the rates were paid today and once verified would arrange delivery.
We did get a call after an hour that we would get water which was subsequently delivered some two hours later.
All's well that ends well - but one cannot help but be disappointed that the rates were not paid , putting persons who in good faith rented the property at risk of being embarrassed by a no water situation and ruining the vacation experience of at least ten young children.
The lack of concern and misinformation experienced leaves you the customer with a distinct uneasy feeling of being hustled.

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