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5-bedroom villa at Mount Irvine
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Guest Report

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My friends and I saw this place online and the pictures made us excited to go. There were 12 of us so this Villa was ideal.

We were allowed an early check in and late check out which was much to our satisfaction. Upon arrival at the villa, we were somewhat disappointed. The general upkeep of the villa and advertised items was much to be desired.

1. CD/Stereo system - was a little radio that didn't work. Thank God we had our music set up and laptops.
2. Grill - a mess
3. Pool - filters didn't work well

The photos were far from the reality. With a musky smell and the obvious use of Lysol moments before our arrival, we were not impressed. Some of the electrical outlets were not working and as we arrived the handyman came to do minor repairs and change light bulbs.

The grill that was advertised at first glance we thought it was propane then realised that it previously was and due to lack of maintenance it was converted to a coals grill.

The furniture on the patio poolside needed maintenance and general upkeep. The upholstery was somewhat dingy and out dated. The filters in the pool were not working well so after one day into night in the pool, the water was murky and the bottom barely visible. To this complaint the realtor retorted "well one, two,three....twelve people in the pool what do you expect."

The realtor was rude and his dry humour was not at all appreciated.

The weekend however turned out to be one of the best we've had despite the little hiccups.

We would possibly stay at another Villa during our yearly trip.
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