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5-bedroom villa at Mount Irvine
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Guest Report

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We stayed at Calabash Villa from 16-19 September 2011.

This was our first vacation where our entire family vacationed at the same time, we usually all take vacation at different times of the year, we had a very special celebration in September, also we had 5 birthdays to celebrate in that month.

Calabash isn't one of the most modern villas in Tobago, the amenities were comfortable and there's lots of space for a large group, our group comprise of 10 adults and 3 kids including a baby, there were lots of space for the kids.

Our only problem was the "water situation" we had to struggle to shower Saturday and Sunday as the water tanks were empty, it also hamper our "beach time" on Sunday as we had to wait (which wasn't our responsibility)on the WASA truck to come fill a tank for us.

We found it very inconsiderate of the housekeeper to arrive on Monday morning early to do laundry when we weren't certain if there would be enough water for our use especially as we had a 7 month old baby with us, we also felt as we were the tenants until we checked out at 2pm it was very intrusive for her to walk into the villa and get a dish for her lunch and use the microwave, she was also "hovering" like a hawk while we were organizing our stuff to leave, we felt very uncomfortable as we like our privacy and it was a "special" family vacation.

The pool wasn't very clean and "up to mark" and while we were there the "pool company" came to clean it..... Which I found could have been arranged before we got there, as you can't use the pool for a day after it's cleaned.

I've stayed at lots of other places in Tobago and I've never encountered these issues.

Although we had these issues we will be using the services of Abraham's (the real estate agent for Calabash) again and hope we don't encounter any of these problems.

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