Notes for Tobago Business Owners

Please read the notes in this section if this is your first visit to the forum
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Notes for Tobago Business Owners

Post by Steve Wooler » Thu Mar 27, 2003 2:34 pm

The authors of welcome and encourage Tobago business proprietors and managers to monitor and contribute to the Visitor Discussion Forum. We would simply ask them to be aware of, and adhere to, the following rules and policies:

The forum, like all of, is strictly a non commercial zone. The entire purpose of is to provide visitors with unbiased information free from sales hype. Businesses overstepping the mark and using the forum to blatantly promote their services may find themselves banned from the forum.

Business contributors who pose as visitors and post bogus endorsements of their own services, or criticism of competitors, run a high risk of public exposure. Please remember that like every responsible ISP, we log the IP (computer) address of everyone computer accessing the site. Under normal circumstances it would take a court order to force us to disclose details of our users, but no mercy will be shown to those who abuse the system.

The safest way to keep within our rules is by simply never mentioning your own business or service. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable for you to answer questions about your business, but in general, never suggest or recommend your business or services first. This particularly applies to accommodation reservation agencies. Never suggest a property that you act as agent for unless the nature of the enquiry is so unique that there is no possible alternative. If in doubt, simply email us for immediate advice.

Registered users can indicate through their profile settings whether or not they wish their email address to be available to others and/or whether they are prepared to accept ‘private’ secure emails through the private messaging system. Anyone who abuses these systems and sends unsolicited marketing messages to registered users of the forum will be “named and shamed” in the forum and banned from entry to the forum.

We try not to be too rigorous in our rules and will be as flexible as possible. Our fundamental aim is to help visitors to Tobago to research, organise and enjoy a wonderful holiday. As such, there may be cases where your business may be an obvious choice deserving of mention. However, if in doubt, simply email and check whether mention of your business would be appropriate. If it is, then we shall be glad to post a response on your behalf, suggesting your business.

Another point to bear in mind is that we obviously take a more tolerant view – and often actively promote – those businesses that regularly answer visitor questions, particularly when it is obvious that there is no immediate benefit. Our philosophy is quite simple: we will help those who help us.

A final point concerns forum registration. Every user must register before they can post messages. We would ask business users to register under a personal name, rather than under the name of their business. We would also ask you to notify us by email when you have registered. This will allow us to set up two important bonus features for you:
  • 1. A signature block, showing your own name, the name of your business and a hyperlink to your website.
    2. A special ‘avatar’ graphic image that will show next to every post you make. The avatar can be a copy of your logo or a picture of your premises or something appropriate to your business. We will prepare a suitable avatar for you, with our compliments.
If you have any queries or questions with regard to use of the forum by businesses, please simply email me at Together we can work to show the world what a wonderful holiday destination Tobago is.
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