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Please read the notes in this section if this is your first visit to the forum
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Forum Registration Notes

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The myTobago Visitor Discussion Forum is based on a user system. When a user is logged in, his/her username will be shown against each post he/she makes.

To protect the forum from manipulation, all user registrations and posts are closely monitored. User accounts are validated and attempts to register bogus accounts, or use an invalid email addresses are treated seriously and risk public exposure and formal complaint to the user's Internet Service Provider. No user may open more than one account.

Multiple user accounts on the same computer are only allowed when authorised by the authors of It is important that you receive clearance (contact [email protected] ) before attempting to register multiple accounts.

All IP addresses are logged and stored and we undertake regular checks for multiple registrations. Where we suspect that such accounts are being used to manipulate public opinion (for example, by posing as different, independent visitors with no connection to each other), we shall immediately ban ALL accounts registered to that computer address. We further reserve the right to make formal complaint to the users Internet Service Provider and to publish full details, including the users email address, in the forum itself.


In order to log into the board (forum), you must register a unique username. To do this, click the small Register link at the top of any page.

You will be taken to the Registration Agreement Terms. Confirming your agreement to the terms will take you to the main registration form. Only your username, password, email address and general location are required. The default settings ensure total respect for your privacy.

When you first register, you must specify an email address. Any email from the board will be sent to that address. Only one user account may be registered per email address.

As soon as you submit your registration, details will be sent to the Forum Administrator. New accounts must be activated by the Administrator. This procedure has proven necessary in the fight against mindless spammers who use forums to spread their filth. If your registration takes place between approximately 9am and 9pm British time, activation will invariably take place within a few minutes and you will be notified by email.

Please note that we track and log the IP Address of all forum registrations and forum posts.


Before you can use the forum and make posts, you must log in. The small Log in link at the top of any page will take you to the Log in Page. Alternatively, you may use the small login form at the bottom of the Forum Index page.

Enter your user name and password, and click Log in. We recomend that you tick (select) the box marked Log me on automatically each visit: as this will save you having to enter your username and password on subsequent visits.

If you have forgotten your password, select the I forgot my password link at the bottom of the log in page. This will take you to a form where you can enter your username and email address. A new password will be created and sent in an email to you. When you receive the email, you will need to click the new password activation link. This process ensures that if someone else enters your information into the Forgotten Password form, your current password will remain intact. After you have activated your new password, you may log in with it. You may then change your password to anything you like in your profile.


To edit your profile, log in and then click the small Profile link at the top of any page. Your profile contains many useful options and settings:

Registration Information
  • Username – The name you use to log in and which will be appear next to every post you make in the forum. You may change this name, but each name must be unique and will be rejected if already in use by another user. In view of the nature of the board, we do insist that your Username is a full "proper" name, rather than a nickname or alias. "John Smith" or "J Smith" are the preferred formats. However, users wishing to preserve their identity may prefer to use their first name and the first letter of their family name (“John S”). You may change your Username at any time and all prior posts will automatically reflect the new Username.

    E-mail address - The email address your account is registered to. This is the address that will be used to activate the account. Any emails from the board (such as private messages) will go to this address. You may change the email address at any time. If you change your email address, the account will need to be re-activated. An email will automatically be sent to the new address, with an activation link.

    Current Password - The password you use to log in. If you change your email address or password, you must enter your current password. If you are changing your password you will need to enter the new password twice to verify it.

    Location – Where you are based. We only ask that you specify your Country, but you may wish to add your City and or State (e.g. Maidstone, Kent, England).
Profile Information

All information in this section will be seen by any other user viewing your profile through the Memberlist link at the top of any page. All fields are entirely optional except the Location field.
  • ICQ Number, AIM Address, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger – Enter the relevant number or address if you use any of these chat systems and wish other users to be able to communicate with you whilst you are on-line.

    Website – If you are a business user, or have a personal or corporate website, you may enter the address here.

    Occupation – Details of your occupation, if you care to share this information. This field and the following 'Interests' field are strictly only optional fields that you may wish to use to personalise your account.

    Interests – Any hobbies or interests that you care to share.

    Signature – Any text entered here will be automatically entered as a signature at the end of every post that you make, should you indicate this as your preference in the following section.
  • Always show my Email Address - If Yes, a link enabling others to email you will appear in your profile and in the Memberlist.

    Always notify me of replies - If Yes then the Notify me when a reply is posted checkbox on the posting form will be checked by default. You may still uncheck it each time you post.

    b]Notify on new Private Messages[/b] - Sorry, but the Private Messaging facility has been disabled.
    Pop up window on new Private Messages - See above.

    Always attach my signature - If Yes then the Attach signature checkbox on the posting form will be checked by default. You may still uncheck it each time you post.

    Timezone – Select your current timezone in relation to GMT.
Avatar Control Panel

Avatars are small pictures used to personalise your posts. In view of the mature nature of the board, we recommend that you use a head-and-shoulder portrait, but the avatar may also be any other graphic – a logo, a cartoon or any other graphic that personalises your posts.

Avatars must be in .gif format and no larger than 65x85 pixels in size. In order to keep standards high, we would be delighted to prepare a suitable avatar for you. Simply email a photo or graphic to [email protected] and we will produce and install an appropriate image file. Don’t forget to let us know your username when sending any image.
  • Gallery Avatars - You may choose your avatar from a collection, or gallery, of avatars stored on the forum server. To select an avatar from the gallery, click Show Gallery. You may use the dropdown list at the top of the gallery to navigate between categories of avatars. There is currently only one gallery of capital letters to choose from. To use a particular avatar, simply check the radio button beneath the image and click Select Avatar.

    Remotely Linked Avatars - You may use an image that is hosted on another site as your avatar. To do this, just enter the URI into the text field. The image must be in .gif format and no larger than 65x65 pixels. In view of the nature of this board, we would ask users to refrain from using ‘silly’ immature avatars that would detract from the serious mature nature of our average readership.

    Uploaded Avatars - If you have an image that you would like to use, you may upload the image to the server. You may upload an image on your computer by clicking the Browse button. You may also upload an image by entering the URI that the image is located at.
You are unable to select an avatar during the initial Registration process. Once your account has been activated, you can simply choose the Profile link and add your avatar.
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