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3-bedroom villa at Bloody Bay (listing)
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Josephine & Robert Laird

Guest Report

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The villa is exactly as described. It is very comfortable with a wonderful garden and views.

Cindy Schumann was very patient answering all my detailed questions before our holiday!

We fell in love with the resident dog 'Cleo'. She accompanied us on our many walks and welcomed us back on our return from trips out. She protects her 'castle' - there is no possibility of intruders!

It is quite remote as the travel is slow on the island roads which are very hilly and winding. We did not mind this and travelled all round the island.

There were lots of local places to buy the basics and it isn't necessary to visit the Supermarket on many occasions.

We didn't particularly like the local Bloody Bay beach - rather rough sea and course sand. However, we loved Castara and Heavenly Bay beach and found true heaven when we found Pirates Bay which is near Charlottesville.

For an unusual dinner out - really unusual - but extremely good - try 'Sandcastles' just outside Castara.

If you want a relaxed, quiet holiday away from the crowds - look no further.
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