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3-bedroom villa at Bloody Bay (listing)
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Erik Henderson

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We ADORED Coasting. The charming cottage, so well designed and tastefully furnished & adorned, is harmoniously situated in it's setting; a real compliment to it's surrounds, which are so tropically lush. Colorful birds flitting, chirping & singing throughout the trees and shrubs were a constant pleasure, as was the sound and sight of the bright blue bay. There's just a great vibe to the whole place. Very tranquil.

We thoroughly enjoyed preparing meals in the cheery, spacious, well equipped kitchen (as well as on the outdoor grill), and dining out on the covered patio, especially during the on again, off again light rain showers that were prevalent the first couple of days - with rain falling through bright sunshine a delightfully common phenomenon. In the evening, candlelit dinners in the same space were too romantic. The large lower open deck overlooking the bay was perfect for blissfully lazing away the afternoon with a good book and cool drink(s), and the occasional dip in the pool to refresh. The pool side shower was great too.

There's a wonderfully secluded mini cove tucked around the far end of the bay. Access is by way of an obscure trail beginning at the base of the hill behind the end of Bloody Bay beach, across the river's mouth. The little path takes you steeply up, over - bypassing on it's highpoint a Rasta's rustic "homestead" (quite the enviable home from which to commune with nature) - and down another steep pitch to land you at an absolute gem of a spot to spread out for the day. The fine soft sandy little beach is cut by a cool, clear brook spilling out of the hills into the sea. The aspect faces the sun all afternoon to sunset, and the clearer water here offers good snorkelling. There's some tree shade but when the tide comes in that area gets washed over, therefore a portable beach umbrella would be a good idea unless you've got some really strong sunscreen, or plenty of melanin in your skin! Plenty of liquid refreshment packed along would serve you well too. The bit of effort to get to this choice hideaway is well rewarded.

At the time of our visit the owners of Coasting, Cindy and Fred, were in residence at the other cottage on the property, which sits discreetly down the hill from the bigger main cottage we were staying in. The topography, distance, and house design allow for ample privacy, so no concern there if you value the privacy aspect, as we certainly do. Long time, part time residents of Tobago, they're a wealth of knowledge about the area, and when we had questions or wanted advice they were glad to accomodate, but otherwise left us to ourselves. The perfect hosts for us at the time. They are incredibly wonderful & gracious people though, and we really enjoyed a bit social time with them, and their friends too. Should they not be there during your stay, they've made available in the cottage a comprehensive booklet they created, packed with all sorts of local items of interest, in addition to a multitude of regional books, magazines, maps, brochures, etc.. to entertain & inform. The resident doggie, a polite, well bred little girl named Cleo, comes around to visit & quietly hang out from time to time, but she's no bother - more of a pleasure - as she's calm and so well behaved.

A holiday at Coasting will not disappoint if you're looking for peace and natural beauty in private setting. Far from any hustle & bustle, it's truly a place to get away from it all.

A BIG THANKS to Cindy & Fred,
from Erik & Christopher of Western Montana
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