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3-bedroom villa at Bloody Bay (listing)
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Steve Henry Herman

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Coastings is a small house, but very well designed, so it feels roomy. You will spend most of your time on the two decks outside. It is on a stunning site overlooking Bloody Bay, with attractive, well-kept grounds. The kitchen is adequately equipped for cooking (which you will be doing a lot of in this isolated location). Bedrooms are small, but well ventilated and have comfy beds. The sounds of surf, weather and wildlife fill the rooms all night.

The beach at Bloody Bay is a 10 minute walk down the road, and has rocky and sandy sections--good for swimming. If you're into snorkeling, be aware that the area of the bay with coral and reef fish is across the bay and must be accessed by car and a short but moderately steep walk down to the secluded beach area. Prior to and during our stay the seas were rough and underwater visibility was poor. The beach area, with a fresh-water river outlet, is an excellent place to watch a wide variety of wading birds and raptors. Local fishermen regularly set and haul seine nets in the Bay.

The only other house nearby is that of the owners (who were very gracious and helpful in every respect), but Coastings sits fairly close to the main road, so you will hear the occasional car or bus pass by. There is an always-locked security gate separating the property from the road. The need for this was unnerving, but its presence was reassuring.

The well-maintained "pool" is tiny but serves well its function as a cool-down spot.

During your stay you can expect regular visits from the owners two adopted dogs, who are well mannered and fun to be with. Take a walk anywhere and they will be at your side.

Overall, a unique and memorable place to hang out in the Boonies of beautiful Tobago.

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