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3-bedroom villa at Grafton Beach *** NOW OFF-MARKET ***
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John & Carol Hill

Guest Report

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Room for improvement with:-
Some comfortable chairs anywhere! They all looked stylish but are dreadfully uncomfortable.
Loungers did not let you rest on your front, most ladies want a brown back for that tan to show off in a low cut back!
Pillows were poor quality, but the bed was good.
Comfort is a priority for us on holiday and we missed this in seating.

Otherwise a fantastic place to stay, great service, quiet and just what we needed to chill out from the pace of London life. We will be back!

Design of the Villa
Far too much money spent on a pool that resembles a plunge pool in the bottom of a Disney/Hollywood set version of a European Castle tower! A rectangular pool that gave enough length to swim more than one stroke without hitting the other side would have cost less to build than the monstrosity created.

More dense low level planting would provide a more attracive setting, and a more private terrace/pool area, although we were not bothered by passing traffic/pedestrians. What is the point of such small lawns?

Our first visit to Tobago, but we have spent 20 weeks in Jamaica. Jamaica generally have shutters and fly screens in lieu of windows. We did not see this design prionciple in Tobago anywhere. We have never used air conditioning in Jamaica. At night with the shutters open a breeze will keep you cool at night, and the fly screens keep mosquitos out. Still maybe there is a reason? Perhaps Tobago Energy is cheap so air conditioning running costs are not an issue?
However we both much prefer natural ventilation and cooling.

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