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1 and 3-bedroom apartments at Pleasant Prospect (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Candy »

My husband and I stayed at the cottage for our vacation 2008. We were kinda disappointed.

Too many mosquitos and the space was also too small, we kept bumping into each other (not a bad thing at all)all the time.

The bathroom walls could have been much cleaner, poor lighting in the rooms and the maid service "Peggy" a lot to be desired.

There really isn't any view from the cottage only through the kitchen window.

The ONLY plus is that all utensils in the kitchen were provided.

We will never return there. A real let down.

Gillian Connelly

Re: Guest Report

Post by Gillian Connelly »

Hi Candy,

Just wanted to say how sorry we both were to hear that you and your husband did not enjoy your stay in "Sweet Nest" which yes, we agree, is by no means big (though guess that's exactly why the name seemed so appropriate in the first place). And also wanted to say thanks for letting us know that you weren't pleased with the standard of cleaning provided by Peggy, either. Whilst there is no excuse for shoddy service, we can say this for Peggy: she makes a mean bed but, yes, she does tend to want to nip in and out as fast as she can, especially with couples, who she assumes need their "alone" time. Another half good and bad thing about our darling housekeeper Peggy is that she simply refuses to touch (and so definitely cannot clean) any surface with more than one personal item on it. But this is not out of laziness (as I was myself first inclined to think), but out of respect, or as she never seems to tire of saying, because she can't interfere with d people things. As for the sea-view, you're right, the kitchen window is about the only place; surrounded by banana palms and lattice to ensure privacy, you can only hear the surf from the large sun-deck which, with the french doors open, is like a whole other room where the birds like to visit and people say quickly become your friends. Anyway, once again, please accept our sincerest apologies extended on behalf of everyone here at HIbiscus Heights.

Gillian & Paul Connelly
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