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1 and 3-bedroom apartments at Pleasant Prospect (listing)
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Mrs. Dekker

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We stayed at the sweet nest of hibiscus heights, on the photo that is the little roof at the bottom of the photo (NOT the big house).
The accomodation is excelent, the bed is big and good, the kitchen is well supplied and the people who keep it clean are very friendly and helpfull, very nice people who will help you anyway you need it. The house is small but cozy with a secluded terras were we have seen all kinds of beautifull birds (incl the Mot mot bird) surrounded by bananatrees and all kinds of plants. Down hill there is a bar which is very carribian style, a small supermarket and of course restaurant the fish pot with an excellent menu (except the coffee here which is awfull).

The beach is just down hill, nice and clean. Don't forget to go and see the fishingnet being pulled in on the beach arround 08:00 am which is an excellent experience, to taste the local culture and to meet the locals.

One advise if you use your own transportation: get a good description on how to get there, as there are not much directions, signs or roadnames to help you out.

If the music from the bar is a bit to loud at night just go and ask them to turn down the bass, which they will do for you.

This place gave us an excellent holiday which we would immediately use again.
Paul and Ineke

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