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4-bedroom villa at Courland
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Carlotta Audain-Campbell

Guest Report

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My family and I stayed at Mot Mot Villa for 7 nights in April 2009. We felt like the house was not prepared for our visit.

The air-conditioner in one of the bedrooms was not functioning. The agent had to get someone to come in and fix it while we were there. A couply of the remotes for the AC units did not have working batteries, which means you could not adjust the units.

We were without the use of the pool for 1 day since the poolman did not come as scheduled to clean the pool and the pool had started turning green. Oh, and the lights in the pool do not work.

The washing machine was not working properly. You had to 'fiddle' with the knob to get it to work and still then were not sure what cycle it was on. The old dryer that was removed was left in the doorway to the laundry room. There was about an 8 inch space left for passage into the laundry room. This old dryer was left there for the duration of our stay despite the agent promising that it would be removed. The laundry room had no light. So usage once darkness feel was not possible.

The kitchen cupboards were dated and not properly cleaned; and many of the cupboards contained old junk. Even an old broken fan was left in one of the bedroom cupboards. The kitchen faucet had a leak.

The metal racks for the BBQ grill was in a filthy condition. Thick baked on food was left on the racks. My husband went thourgh a lot of trouble to clean it before we could use the grill.

The actual house is very nice, and we felt that we gave the owners/agent enough notice in advance of our arrival to have things put in place so that we did not have to face all those challenges.

We took photos of all the problems we encountered while there and I plan to send an e-mail to the owners since I feel feedback is very important so the necessary improvements can be made.


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