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Guest Report

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 7:47 pm
by Steve Pitts
I can add very little to the previous reports, other than to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and agree with all that has been posted.

Just a few practical notes on location for those considering Palmhaven -

The Villa is situated near the top of Riseland Trace, which is a right turn off of the Auchenskoech Buccoo Rd (if heading towards Buccoo from the Claude Noel Highway)in the centre of Carnbee village (150m past Pennysavers).

Go just beyond the villa a short distance and you are in the Patience Hill area. This is a low density residential area of mixed housing. There are some rather grand houses with more traditional 'hillside houses' (built of timber and tin roofed) nestling alongside in the forested valley. There are a couple of building plots nearby, but no building work was evident within several hundred metres during our stay and noise was restricted to the occasional car passing by, the dawn chorus from the abundant local Cocrico population and the sound of me snoring, or so I'm told :-)

The nearest supermarket, pharmacy and fruit stalls are in Carnbee, just over 1km away. It would be possible to walk the distance, but the return journey with groceries would be a very hot climb back up to the villa. A car is therefore pretty much essential, unless you are happy to rely on taxis to get out and about.

For those concerned about safety whilst occupying a villa, there is a small guard kiosk at the front entrance gates and a security guard is on duty from 18:00 to 06:00 the following morning. We found this somewhat surplus to requirements, but this would undoubtedly give anyone seeking reassurances on the security issue a good deal of peace of mind. The double gates are locked at all times, but we didn't find this too much of an inconvenience.

We would certainly return to Palmhaven.

Steve Pitts