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3-bedroom villa at Riseland
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Isobel Allan-Lowe

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If you are looking for a villa in Tobago then do not hesitate to book Palmhaven,I'm sure you will not be disappointed. My husband and I with our 3 sons have just returned from an extended stay at Palmhaven due to the volcanic ash incident and I cannot think of a nicer place I would like to have been stuck.

We arrived on the Easter weekend and after picking up our hire car(hired with Sheppy's as recommended by Kay ,the owner)we followed the complimentary taxi to the villa.It was dark when we arrived but the housekeeper Joyce was at the villa to greet us ,show us around and made us welcome.There was a supermarket quite close by to stock up on water etc to see you through to the next day but if you are there for Easter be prepared for queues!

The villa itself is spacious,clean and very comfortable.The pool is fantastic.The kitchen is well equipped.And it was a real luxury to have Joyce come in each day to maintain the cleanliness and to make sure we were happy.There is a good sound system,cable TV and a good selection of novels to read.(The dvd player is not compatible with uk dvds).The villa is located on a hill which was a god send as you had a lovely breeze.The location is also ideal to reach both sides of the island but you will definately need a hire car.We travelled around the whole island and felt we had chosen the ideal location to stay.

When we arrived in Tobago ,the island had not had rain for 146 days so it was a little disappointing not to see the lushness as dipicted in the website photos but after a few heavy rainstorms(mainly at night) things started to spring back to life.And the scent of the jasmine on the verandah and the hummingbirds were heavenly.Theres plenty of wildlife to see but do take insect repellant and definately bite cream!

If you are ever tempted to leave the villa then we found Stonehaven beach was a good beach for older children,plenty of sand to play cricket and great waves.There's also a good beach bar/restaurant.

I was concerned about security on the island when I booked the holiday but we didn't experience any problems or felt as though we might,like anywhere in the world you just have to be sensible and not visit deserted places etc.

Our holiday experience was made that much easier with the helpfulness and kindness of Kay the owner,joyce the housekeeper and Christine the agent.

All there is left to say is that we would highly reccommend Palmhaven and hope you have a fab holiday!
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