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2-bedroom villa at Castara (NOW CLOSED)
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Tom & Laura Quilt

Guest Report

Post by Tom & Laura Quilt » Wed Oct 18, 2006 5:27 pm

We stayed at Paradise Point & Hanging Gardens Villas for our wedding in April 2006. My parents & sister stayed in Paradise Point and we stayed in Hanging Gardens with Laura's parents & sister. The whole place can only be described as magically romantic whilst giving us the flexibility to hold our wedding reception on The Great Deck.

The villa is set on the hillside above the village of Castara with the rainforest below home to a variety of tropical birds. Hummingbirds regularly visited us whilst we sat having breakfast on one of the villa's balcony. In addition to the spectacular views, the mountain location meant that there was a constant breeze to cool us from the tropical sun. Set next to the official viewing point, the views of the ocean, rainforest and the beautiful fishing village of Castara were spectacular!

Yes it was a 5-minute drive to the beach (so too far for most to walk back up the long hill from the beach), but you don't get those views, rainforest, wildlife and cooling breeze when you are down in the village. We loved it and could not think of a more perfect location!!

Hanging Gardens is a fabulous villa that has been built with a passion for the outdoors and fabulous views. The villa is set to the right and above the Great Deck. Hanging Gardens covers two levels with an abundance of flowers, outdoor spaces and big glass windows to bring the outdoors in.

The upper level was our home and is rightly known as the Honeymoon suit. The big kitchen has all the mod cons and large windows that open out onto the decking area. The large deck has a table, chairs and sun loungers that we used to relax in and watch the birds feeding from the flowers and feeders.
The main living area is air-conditioned and totally glass fronted and spans nearly the full width of the villa. Behind the main living area is the only bedroom; which is truly romantic with a 4-poster bed and luxurious bedding and furnishings. Between the bedroom and the living area are large wooden ‘doors’ that open fully to let the light stream into the bedroom through the glass front – it really is a very luxurious and romantic place!!

The lower level is home to two large air-conditioned double bedrooms with floor to ceiling glass doors at the front of each. In front of the bedrooms is a large covered deck with outdoor kitchen and dinning table – truly outdoor living!! The kitchen is small but functional kitchen and a great place to prepare and eat breakfast in the morning.

[We have added a review for the Paradise Point Villa under Paradise Point Villa Accommodation in this section of the site]

The Great Deck was large enough for our 50 guests, BBQ buffet, bar, steel band, DJ & dance floor yet intimate enough for the family to sunbath or hold yoga sessions for a small group of people.

A short but slightly challenging walk down the nature path (or hillside) below Paradise Point leads you to the secluded waterfall. The unusually dry weather in 2006 meant that we can’t comment on whether you can swim in the pool, but it was very romantic indeed. If you continue to follow the stream for a short distance, you reach the top of a spectacular waterfall that drops down to the ocean below. Although there is no access to the sea, it is worth the walk – but be careful as it would be a long fall!!

Castara is a small fishing village with 2-bays and all the basic facilities you need. By this I mean several restaurants & bars, a corner shop, a rum shop and a few locals (including the famous Porridge and Duck) who can offer all kinds of trips and activities. Don’t expect a huge choice on the menu, but when you go to the restaurant the food is fresh and tastes home cooked and you often feel like you have joined the family for dinner – which we loved!! For anything more than the basics, such as petrol or supermarkets, you will have to travel to one of the main towns.

All the locals were very friendly and made us feel welcome. We made it clear to all our friends that it is a small fishing village so it is basic in what it provides – but that means it is filled with the charm and friendliness of village life. ALL of our 40+ friends and family staying in Castara fell in love with the place!

Castara is in the mountainous rainforest area of the Island and away from all the big hotels and package holiday goers. Holiday accommodation in the village is hidden away or part of a family home so you are always surprised to see other holiday makers their. But the water is crystal clear and full of tropical fish and coral; the mountains are full of wildlife and waterfalls to explore; and each village in the Northern section of Tobago has its own charm and beauty to explore. To us this is what makes Tobago and Castara Village such a perfect location!!

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