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4-bedroom villa at Grafton (listing)
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Stephen Forbes-Parker

Guest Report

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I've been fortunate enough to travel the caribbean extensively during the past
42 years,be it on business or pleasure,some details I would spare you and some
I would be happy to share,But I have to say by far the most pleasurable is the one I have just experienced at Sunset Reef Blackrock Tobago .
The very name conjures up dreams of a romantic Villa with fabulous sunsets and
an atmosphere of a well earned Caribbean holiday .And it truly is.
I probably would never had found this place had I not been eavesdropping on a coversation in Coco restaurant by two couples who had just returned for a second stay at Sunset Reef.
The Villa boasts exactly what it says it has,spectacular views,wonderful sunsets,beautiful air conditioned rooms,private grounds,a beautiful kidney shaped pool and wait for this!?--A genuine English Red Telephone Box adjacent
to the pool for your shower,Honestly!.
Pippa my wife is naturally concerned about security ,however we were relieved to find more than adequate security systems installed,cameras,burglar alarm,and a secured fence around,the property is within sight of a good class hotel and their security services. The RESULT .Two weeks of Heaven!

Motto; Eavesdrop when you can!!

S.F-P. Virginia Water Surrey.
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