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4-bedroom villa at Grange (listing)
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Bridgette g j

Guest Report

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First of all, let me make mention of the agents for this villa who were all very professional, accommodating and seemed quite genuine. They were great. The villa itself is lovely. Nice, beautifully landscaped yard entrance. Though I didn't admittedly take a walk around the entire yard, I understand that there were some fruit trees because we made some lime juice and had some mangoes. The interior was tastefully yet simply decorated. Warm, Caribbean colours. You have your cable TV: one in the main living area and another in the master bedroom, AC in the bedrooms, electric stove, cooking utensils, washer and dryer, bi/tri-weekly maid service or as needed, bar-b-que pit, big clean pool...just a home away from home. The living room, if you're worried was cool enough to not warrant AC but I'm from the that may have to be considered. The home security system was also somewhat reassuring.

There were just a few things though:

-the shower enclosure in our bathroom was missing so it got quite messy in there when we took our baths so of course I opted to more often than not use the other bath

-the owner was doing some renovations or shall I say additions probably adding an outdoor gaming area. A table-tennis board could be observed near the pool area. So it may have presented a bit of a safety issue, was abit dusty but more of just an eye sore

-finally, the owner epitomised the haughty, callous, 'I am the boss'-type behaviour so typical of our local politicians. Imagine this so-called sorry excuse of a man stormed through 'our house,' because it was just that for the weekend, we paid for privacy and didn't get it and were also disrespected, past my sister and I at the front of the yard when we came out to investigate who was parked in front the house. He made his way through the living area while his wife and child quietly passed around. Why was he there? Oh to replenish the T.P, mind you we didn't run out. Needless to say, he stayed a while, looking at the work being done in the outdoor gaming area I previously mentioned. For all of perhaps 10 mins. Seemed like an eternity to be raped of your privacy like that. Of course he stormed back through the living room when my Mother had to literally accost the thing for his name. It was then that my Aunt realized that he is the MP for our ironic!

As you can tell, this made us quite upset. We said nothing of the likes to him because it took us by surprise, we were even more appalled by his behaviour and lack of decorum and tact.

We phoned the agent right away and she was equally upset. She said that they would have to speak with him to ensure that such an incident doesn't recur. While we probably won't stay there again, his behaviour didn't take away from the fact that it is a lovely, reasonably-priced, comfortable place to stay. And I will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone as long as they don't have to deal with that troll.
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