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4-bedroom villa at Concordia (listing)
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Ms. R. Harris

Guest Report

Post by Ms. R. Harris » Tue May 05, 2009 3:11 pm

Six friends and family and I have just returned from three wonderful weeks at Ambassador's House. We feel fully revived after our English winter and ready for whatever the summer brings us now, replete with a healthy glow.

The house has an excellent connexion with nature outside. It's glass sliding walls, Japanese style to allow the beautiful garden outside and cool polished floors inside to join and become one, releasing all our senses to the freedom and beauty of the situation - soon followed by our bodies and we are truly, fully on holiday.

We hire our own transport for the duration and so enjoy the many varied beaches (which one shall we go to today?), maybe some shopping for dinner and general trips, toing and froing down to Scarborough, just down the mountain with it's colourful, such particularly pleasurable people to be among as the locals ... and cafe society at Ciaos for an Italian ice cream or Carib beer.

Back home for lunch and afternoon by the pool, surrounded by spectacular flowering trees and shrubs, with a good book from the house library.
Evening carries on in similar vein with cocktails at sunset followed by dinner on the veranda ('Or maybe a barbeque tonight.'

Oh, I forgot to mention the table tennis table down the other end of the veranda.

And our housekeeper's visits to keep us pampered.

Home from home - In Paradise. Dream holiday come true.

No wonder we come back every other year.

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