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4-bedroom villa at Concordia (listing)
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Lucinda & Adam Chou

Guest Report

Post by Lucinda & Adam Chou » Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:23 pm

Review of Windy Edge, Ambassadors House Concordia Tobago:

We spent the most special week in Tobago between Christmas and New Year 2009. And the foremost reason for this exceptional vacation was Windy Edge Ambassador’s House.

We needed a place for us (husband and wife), daughter and her husband and 2 children, son and his wife and 2 children. So, we desired 5 bedrooms, with bathrooms and all the other accoutrements. We liked what we read in the reviews of Ambassadors House and took the plunge. We arrived in 3 batches and each was met by a knowledgeable driver/tour guide sent by Housekeeper Lesleyann Edwards. We were the last to arrive, by 24 hours. We drove up into the hills above the city of Scarborough, off onto a short winding drive into our own compound (2.5 acres!). Four grandsons (ages almost-8 down to almost-4) met us excitedly outside and, as they had been here a full 24 hours, gave us the grand tour. Stepping into the very open, very airy center room we walked across to the opposite verandah and out into the evening breeze. Below us were the lights of the city and dots off the ocean. Beautiful various tropical flowers surround the House and the evening birds were getting in their last licks. There are several different humming bird species as well as parrots, parakeets, and the (in)famous chachalacas! The boys showed us their rooms, the ping pong table and had to take us across the drive and over to the moonlit swimming pool. Needless to say, they had spent much of their first day there. Having the pool away from the house did make things less stressful for the adults, not having to worry about the kids straying. But we needn’t have worried about that. They loved the roomy house and grounds, where we could be together or off on our own, as the mood took us. We all felt very relaxed with so much beautiful space!

The bedrooms did vary; the lovely airy master bedroom, which shares a bathroom with the next bedroom along the hall, which doubled as the nice library. Across the hallway was a comfortable bedroom with its own large bath. Beyond the full kitchen was a very nice end room, with bathroom and finally a small room which could be (and was by us) used as a bedroom. It also had its own bathroom. Many ceiling fans provided all the cooling breeze needed for wonderful sleeping.

We really appreciated the furnishings and the wonderful artwork on the walls. Lesleyann, who is a warm and gracious resource for most things Tobagoan, told us that Charlotte Keene, our landlady, had picked out work by local artists (or by artist/guests) to create an essential atmosphere of Tobago. Because of this taste of Tobago art, we looked around for other opportunities and had a chance for a personal tour of Luise Kimme’s Sculpture Museum and Studio. Our hostess was Luise Kimme, a vital, gracious, eccentric 70 plus. We highly recommend this. With the help of Lesleyann and Mr. Quashie, who drove us around, we also made the acquaintance of horn carver Garvin Barrow, who visited the House and brought along his wares; stunning carvings of local fish and birds, dependent upon the color and shape of the horn being used.

We cooked some for ourselves (make sure to get good directions on where to get groceries, though Lesleyann did advance shopping for us which was terrifically helpful); Lesleyann prepared two wonderful dinners of curried shrimp, grilled snapper, bread fruit pie, baked plantain, green bean sauté, beet salad, and more! I’m not sure we could have found anything better if we had eaten out on the town.

We did get out and about, visited a number of beautiful beaches, some with very few other people and did some shopping too. But Windy Edge’ Ambassadors House was our welcome home where the families gathered morning and afternoon, evening. A peaceful retreat we could return to for tranquility and rejuvenation. Next time we will make it a longer visit.

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