Tobago restaurants (from Feb 2004 visit)

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K Travers

Tobago restaurants (from Feb 2004 visit)

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I thought I would offer my thoughts on various restaurants we visited while recently in Tobago (pictures and commentary here: ). This forum was quite helpful in planning our trip, and I hope my input might help others similarly!

Bonkers restaurant, Crown Point
We had a great meal here one night, and cocktails on another night. Although I'd read reviews suggesting this place is not really for romantics, given its lively atmosphere, our dinner was really quite romantic. The dining room is nicely designed, and not particularly crowded or loud during dinner. On a subsequent evening, we went to the bar for a nightcap before retiring- while there were more people there at that time, it was definitely fun. Cocktails were mixed with strong pours. We had a great time. Highly recommended for dinner/drinks. (Breakfast not exceptional in any way).

House of Pancakes, Crown Point
Definitely a must for breakfast! We were disappointed that there was no buljol available, though it was on the menu. But the pancakes were heavenly! There is much on the menu to be sampled, and I wish we had been able to breakfast there more! A must for breakfast.

Miss Esmie's, Store Bay beach
Look for the sign for "kitchens", and you'll find Miss Esmie's among a row of small restaurant fronts. They might all be of similar quality, but we went to Miss Esmie's only, and so cannot compare. Her rotis were delish!
Highly recommended.

Arnos Vale Waterwheel restaurant, Arnos Vale
Magical! The juxtaposition of the decaying sugar mill machinery, the pleasant bar and dining areas, and the fine food was a real treat. Service was prompt, efficient and friendly. There was inexplicably no wine list to complement the menu, and a perusal of bottles at the bar revealed only a meager array. If their wine list were up to snuff, this would have been a perfect dining experience.
Highly recommended.

Ciao Cafe, Scarborough
What a find! Real, homemade, delicious Italian gelati- it compares VERY favorably to that we had during our last trip to Italy this past September (I use strachiatella as a test subject, and I do enjoy the assays quite a bit!). The proprietors are delightful, the coffee great. I definitely wish we'd gotten a chance to visit later in the day as well, as they have some nice wines on the menu. They even had a Moscato d'Asti, a sweet sparkler I'd been planning on stashing in my luggage for my hubby as a Valentine's Day surprise- a plan which failed because I couldn't find any in the local shop as I rushed around before our departure from Boston.
A must.

Shipwreck Bar, Blue Waters Inn, Speyside
Good food, casual atmosphere. Staff attitudes vary from brusque to friendly to flirtatious.

Fishpot Restaurant, Blue Waters Inn, Speyside
Dismal ambiance. Staff attitudes vary as above.
Not necessarily recommended, except for fine breakfast buffet, and/or a buffet dinner who's menu may strike your fancy (as the buffet of local fare did ours)

Jemma's Seaview Kitchen, Speyside
Fun treetop dining room. Food is plentiful and tasty, though there is little main dish variety- a fantastic array of side dishes makes up for this easily. Service is efficient. Meal is on the pricey side.

Suncrest Restaurant and Bar, Speyside (beyond the tourist "strip" of Speyside Inn, Redman's, Jemma's, and the Birdwatcher Cafe)
Great find! Food was plentiful, service was friendly and VERY accommodating for us. Though across the street from the water, the view is still nice, and the price simply cannot be beat!
Highly recommended.

Marlene's Roti shop, Speyside (a little white hut, up the road, right on the village's playing field)
Yum! If you like roti's like we do, this is your spot.
Highly recommended.

Eula's, Englishman's Bay beach
A tiny shack serving local fare. Food is OK, location can't be beat! They had no beer by the time we got there, which is of course a bit of a drawback, at least for us.

Cascreole Restaurant, Castara
A large establishment, with a "treehouse" on the beachfront. Service was polite and efficient, though food was in no way remarkable. Treehouse stands atilt- who knows how long it will stay that way!!

Hope some find this informative!

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