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Paul Tallet
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The Best

Post by Paul Tallet » Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:13 am

Here are my awards for the best of all the culinary options I came across in Tobago this year:-

The Best Fish

1. Fish Pot, Black Rock (by thousands of miles)
2. Dexter 'Taffy' Murray, Beach Barbecue in Charlottesville
3. The Suck Hole, Charlottesville

The Best Local Food

1. Brian 'Alibaba' Boat Trip Beach Barbecue, Castara
2. The Suck Hole, Charlottesville
3. The Cascreole, Castara (no kidding!)

The Best Rum Punch

1. Brian 'Alibaba' Boat Trips \:D/ %*} \:D/
2. Me %*} \:D/ :-"
3. The Suck Hole, Charlottesville =D>

The Best Service (with a smile?) :mrgreen:

1. Breakfast time at the Naturalist Beach Resort, Castara :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: (Guests Only!)
2. Pigeon Point Beach Bar :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
3. Blue Waters Inn at Lunchtime (but not in the evening!) :mrgreen:

The Best Surprises/Newcomers

1. The Suck Hole, Charlottesville
2. The Cascreole, Castara ... (back on top form ... please keep it up)

The Best Ironies

1. The owner of the Sunshine Restaurant in Bloody Bay has leased her Restaurant to her daughter and built and opened a second and new Restaurant next door in direct competition. How about that?

2. The Suck Hole cooks food to order. When busy, do not expect to be offered drinks within half an hour and the food could come about 1 hour after your order ... so don't forget to take a book or a game to keep you occupied ... it is worth the wait and you are advised to take nil-by-mouth for about 48 hours before your visit or bring plenty of doggy bags ... this venue cooks up food on a gargantuan scale and each dish could satisfy the average stomach for several more days.

3. The Fast Food at Pigeon Point is good value and really delicious. Even when 2 Cruise Ship loads of over 1,000 Tourists overran this beauty spot orders were turned round in 20 minutes and they never ran out of food ... incredible!

Enjoy ...

Paul Tallet
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Andy D
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Re: The Best

Post by Andy D » Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:32 pm

Good reviews there Paul, I'd have had The Seahorse restaurant on that list as well....superb every time I've been there!

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