Cooking fresh fish caught in Tobago

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Cooking fresh fish caught in Tobago

Postby SuzieQ » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:34 pm

So .... 3 weeks tomorrow! YAY!!!! I understand staying in Castara, my husband will be treated to much fresh fish, thanks to the local fishermen. However - I hate any kind of fish - but would like to know how to cook it for him. I'll just be buying chicken :)
A friend suggested I bring some spices with which to marinade some fish in, I have tons from Grenada, all kinds .... I suppose some will be great just BBQ'd or panfried?
Also - he hasn't ever filleted a fish - do the fishermen do it for you, or is it up to the person who buys the fish to do it?
What kinds are usually caught around Castara?
Thanks so much!
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