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Guest Report

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:02 pm
by Kevin Chankersingh
All fears of staying in a house that was not beachfront and thereby not get the "Tobago experience" was very quickly dismissed. The view and sounds of the hills coupled with the excellent private pool and the general feel good ambience of the house itself made it a wonderful stay.
Prompt and helpful service by the caretaker and her description of her day chilling by the beach made us glad that we choose not only Tobago but this charming wooden house as well.

After a hard day of snorkeling there will be no better memories than going back "home", getting the grill out and spending hours in the pool, watching the stars and because we had only a short stay, talking about how we were going to miss this heavenly retreat when we get back to reality.

Some more hammocks and lounge chairs are the only recommendations as we wanted for nothing while we were there and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff that was provided.

All in all I hope I have the joy of staying at Mary hill lodge again.