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Guest Report

Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 5:40 pm
by Elective Students
A group of 6 of us stayed at Mary's Hill Lodge whilst we were working at Scarborough General Hospital for our medical elective abroad. The lodge was absolutely perfect for our time in Tobago. We were roughly 10 minutes from the hospital, 5 minutes from Scarborough and 10 minutes in the other direction from the north coast (where all the best beaches are, in our opinion).

We shared a double bedroom each, all of us adults, and we managed fine (if another group of elective students are reading this). More than 6 though and it would have been a bit of a squeeze in the smaller cot beds. The pool was just what was needed after walking up the hill to the lodge, and the hammock was a popular spot. It was well kitted out and we only had to buy food and top up the anti-mosquito candles. Our only issues were with the wifi which didn't work for the first 2 weeks of our stay (a frequent problem for the area we were told), but it made it a little difficult when choosing our jobs back in England online. The lodge staff were more than helpful though, and were very quick to solve and problem we had (including a nearby stray dog). It was very easy to book through this website, and simple to transfer payments as the owner has a British bank account.

Overall, I would highly recommend staying at this lodge, either if you're a big group or a family. It's close to everything you'd need it to be (only exception being the supermarket in Scarborough which you'd need to drive/route there). We left lots of comments in the visitors book for anyone who goes out to Tobago - we wish we could do it all again!