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3-bedroom wooden cottage at Mary's Hill (listing)
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Daniel Turner

Guest Report

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I don't want to leave! Next guest should check the downstairs to make sure I am not hiding down there!

Everything here is amazing - the house - hats off to Louis and his carpentry skills. The beaches and the fish that live in the glorious clear water just left me in wonder. The animals, birds, lizards, bats and things that just surround you where ever you go. The hugh hospitality and friendliness of Mark & Zena and their equally amazing house (Mt.Pelier Cottages).

The weather was so good and I didn't get sunburnt - hooray! Harriet's food stall in number 5 in Scarborough market is a good tip for breakfast - salt fish sandwiches rule. Macaroni pie & callaloo with BBQ chicken is delicious.

The winding roads are pure madness - I recommend taking a couple of days to drive to Charlotteville as the views on the way are so beautiful - Pirates Bay is the best beach on the Island, but do not stay at Belle Air Cottage as the rooms have horrid bed bugs.

Coconut water, Soca music, Mt Irvine lifeguards, the cricket, snorkeling, STAG beer, and rum & tonic water, the cocorico's, the singing & music from the church at the bottom of the hill, the lovely people... I love it here and I am sure I will come again.

Big up to all the Tobagonians and cheers to Laura and Louis for letting us stay in their gorgeous house.

Love Daniel and Maxine x

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