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3-bedroom wooden cottage at Mary's Hill (listing)
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Jenny Trattles

Guest Report

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August 2006

Another great holiday in your fabulous house. we love the living room / verandah where we can experience all the sights, sounds, weather and wildlife of Tobago.

The new moon rising, the stars like diamonds in the sky, the glow bugs twinkling in the trees like fairy lights while the resident bats from the tool cupboard swoop around you. The garden is growing beautifully and we sampled the enormous creamy avocados, lemon bananas and mangos.

Jenny's river garden is located to the right of the steps by the water pipe, plants we collected on our trek along the river to the waterfall with Mark, I hope it survives!

From the verandah we saw mot mots, blue tanagers, palm tanagers, grass quits, silver beaked tanagers, common black hawk , banana quits, house wren, red - crowned woodpecker, tropical king birds, mockingbirds, a bare eyed thrush building a nest, the resident doves and green parrrokets. We heard the whistling frogs, the bleating goats, the clicking gheccos and the numerous bird songs. The angelic soulful singing from the church and hugh 3"! brown flying beetle flying in at night.

Beaches and swimming, especially snorkeling are brilliant!! A huge stingray swam beside us, close enough to touch, at Mt Irvine bay just in front of the cafe in the shallow water by the rocks, we could hardly believe it!! We saw loads of other wonderful fish - rainbow parrotfish, french angelfish, numerous blue angelfish and many many more. Loved the pelicans fishing off the sea.

Did some liming at a big party at Mt Irvine with brothers with vision djing. Met Pablo, Jason and other lifeguards.

Al in all a wonderful holiday. Thanks so much.

Love Peter and Jenny

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