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Small B&B/studio apartment guesthouse in Crown Point *** NOW CLOSED ***
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Kelvin Ali

Guest Report

Post by Kelvin Ali » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:39 pm

I rented the three bedroom apartment upstairs for my family-
4 adults and two grand children ages 4 and 1 1/2 years old.
The Manager, Karen, was very much aware of what we expected and assured me that everything would be fine. IT WAS NOT.
Here are some of the many things we found that resulted in us aborting our stay :
Only one bedroom is air conditioned
Kia is on the busiest road in Tobago - Milford Road
It is NOT just accross from the beach
The apartment was infested with mosquitoes because of the
unkept surroundings - lots of weeds at the back and fallen
fruit left to rot around the breakfast shack.
Within an hour everyone had numerous mosquito bites.With the threat of dengue this was cause for concern with the kids.
The kitchen was untidy and lacking basic cooking and eating utensils.The toaster was rusted and unuseable.The fridge was not clean,needed defrosting and missing the freezer door.The counter tops were coming apart and the drawers were broken.
There were broken tiles throughout the apartment which presented a hazard if you were barefooted.There were three broken bulbs left in sockets, two above the face sinks which rendered these areas unuseable.
There were three locks on the front door, but only one worked, which led me to believe there was some form of forced entry and a new lock was just added.
Immediately after arriving,I voiced my complaints to the the assistant and asked her to contact Karen.Three requests were ignored and only when I said I was leaving did she contact Karen.When I did meet with Karen and go over the list of problems / concerns she offered us the two apartments below. She promised that if we were not satisfied, she would refund the payment less one night's rental.
We inspected the downstairs but because it was currently occupied we could not get it until the following day.We decided that it did not suit us as a family.
Karen reneged on her promise of the full refund.
I am currently taking legal action to obtain the oney owed to me.
I am a travel agent and if Tobago wants to be considered as a serious tourist destination then there will have to be rules and regulations put in place to ensure certain standards are met.
I will not recommend Kia Across From The Beach to anyone.

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