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4-bedroom villa at Bon Accord (listing)
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Tracy Porter

Guest Report

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This report is based on facts and I am placing it because I used ‘My Tobago’ to research places to stay before we went to Tobago and found it really helpful so I wanted to share our experience of this villa and hope that it is useful to others considering this property as there are no recent reviews.
We stayed at Palm Breeze villa from 3rd – 17th May 2012. We had booked and paid for another villa (found and researched via My Tobago) but this was suddenly unavailable at the last minute, a subsequent property was offered and accepted and then sold suddenly so became unavailable less than a week before our arrival date so we was offered this property as a last minute substitute. As there weren’t any recent updates we had to take a chance as we had no other choice.
It is situated on the Bon Accord estate which is very safe and has security stations located who patrol regularly. It is near Pigeon Point, Store Bay and lots of bars and restaurants. However, it is behind the Bon Accord lagoon and the storm drains are inadequate for the properties in this area so we experienced terrible mosquito bites constantly with nothing working to deter them. Even our friends who live in Tobago were astonished by the problem when they came to visit, so if you do stay here take huge quantities of mozzy repellent and after bite medication. My poor husband has over 60 bites on his legs and they are quite long lasting in terms of irritation.
The bedrooms and bathrooms were spotless but the rest of the house could do with a jolly good clean but I got the impression the house had not been rented for a while and as we was possibly the first ones in I imagine the spring clean will happen once we left. The house keeper we had was lovely and visits every day except Sunday but beware, she comes quite early despite being asked to not arrive until after 10. She came as early as 8am and actually woke us one morning to get in. As we were on holiday we tried to enjoy a lie in so her early arrivals were really not welcome because as soon as we got up she was trying to get in our rooms to clean, which then resulted in us being unable to get ready until she was finished. If you are early risers this won’t be a problem.
The villa has a lovely veranda/balcony on the upper floor which runs along the length of the property with access to the kitchen and bedrooms. There is a large balcony area and this provides a fantastic area to ‘lime’ in the evenings. I would like to clarify that the 4th bedroom is really an annexe to the master bedroom and therefore is only really suitable for children as the access to this room is through the master bedroom or via the balcony.
The Pool is really a splash pool rather than a swimming pool and is situated in the front of the house in a garden that has many trees and bushes so if you are looking to sit around the pool in the sun this is not possible as it’s always in the shade. There was also only two old sunbeds at the property when we went which for 8 people wasn’t really sufficient. When we go on holiday we like to have the odd lazy day sitting around a pool so this was not possible for us due to the size of the pool, lack of sunbeds and shadiness of the garden, but if you just want somewhere to cool off at the end of a day out and about then it’s fine. There is access to the downstairs shower room and there is a small kitchenette area with a fridge so you don’t have to keep going upstairs to the main kitchen if you do want to sit beside the pool on the downstairs patio area.
The property does now have internet access but the wireless facility broke at the end of our first week and it wasn’t fixed before we left so not sure if/when that will be repaired.
The property is managed by Rain Property Management & Real Estate, Ltd who I must say were extremely efficient with the couple of issues we experienced when we were there. All the staff we met was very friendly and helpful and they were happy to accommodate us staying until 5pm on our last day as the virgin flight home doesn’t leave until 7.15pm.
Overall it was a very nice villa in a good location. Unfortunately for us the mosquito problem got us all down as they were relentless.

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