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4 Apartments in Mount Pleasant (listing)
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Rhea Dean

Guest Report

Post by Rhea Dean » Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:37 pm

My husband, brother and I decided to go to Tobago for a long weekend. We booked at Scott's because it was cheap and because it was a long weekend and because of our last minute bookings (nowhere else was available).

Directions could not have been more difficult...they told us to Shirvan Road to get to their apartments (we made two blocks using these directions). However an easier route is using the road opposite the entrance to Tobago Plantations!!

The room - bathroom REEAAAAALLLLYYYYYYYY SMALL!!! no soap, no towels provided, no bath mats either. one roll of Toilet paper, no re-fills after the first day. The room was not cleaned, the bathroom (toilet in particular)was dirty, and the beds were not made when we arrived.
The room itself is very small...very! not as in the pictures shown on another website. The TV did not work - static and company! The microwave and fridge worked! The A/C also!

Beds were 4x6, two in the room. Insufficient closet space, no towels racks or any thing to hang anything on!

Ok, so my comment is, if you don't mind a icky bathroom, and a small cramped space with no soap, towels or T.V., that sleeps up to 4 persons and that's really cheap ($300 TT/night)'ll love here!

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