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3-bedroom townhouse apartments in Crown Point
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Guest Report

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My friends and I stayed at Tropical Treasures and there's must to be desired about this place. The place has great potential however here are a few thumbs down:
The surroundings of the condo like accommodation is not well-kept. There are mouns of leaves from the almonds tree heaped up around and needed to be picked up. The yard needed to be cut. The area is not well-lit and at nights can feel very lonely.
Firstly we were accommodated in apt # 5 but was greeted by a rusting refrigerator upon entry into the villa and a rude housekeeper who was doing her personal washing in the washer and dryer of "our" villa.
The A/C for the living room/kitchen area was not functional. Light fixtures within the same area were missing. The toilets were dirty and the toilet in one of the bedrooms on the 2nd fl was not funtioning.
Due to the discomfort in the main huddle area due to the lack of A/C we humbly requested to occupy condo/villa# 6 but we met our fair share of probs there too. The door to the porch of the bedroom of the top fl was not closing due to a break-in as we were informed on the our 2nd night by the housekeeper. The master bedrm on the top floor had no tv as the tv has been moved to the living rm one which was there before was not working.
The kitchen tap was leaking.
The A/C in the one of the bedrm on the 2nd fl was not working.
The best thing about Tropical Treasures is the opportunity to use the pool of Tropikist Hotel located opposite.
The placed if maintained can be the perfect accommodation but further neglect would lead to dis-satisfied guests and no referrals to friends/family as a choiced accomodation

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