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2 x 2-bedroom apartments on Tobago Plantations (listing)
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Otis St.Bernard

Guest Report

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My friends and I spent the weekend of July 8th, 2017 [6th - 10th July 2017] for my birthday at this property – Pelican Point. It is a beautiful area, quiet and a great location for relaxation away from the normal busy areas.

The rooms were clean and large, a good supply of clean linen, excellent working Air Condition Units. The kitchen fully equipped with all amenities and the baths were outstanding. The Plunge Pool was exciting and the Jacuzzi was a comfort zone. There were problems with Bmoble and the plumbing in one of the baths. The manager did call and inform us of the problem and why it was not dealt with before. This was quickly corrected.

The area is very secured. There are security post at the two (2) entrances to the Tobago Plantation Estate. Additionally, there is another security post to enter this location. It will be safe to assume that no one could enter the area undetected as all security points are monitored. That was one of the comforting features for choosing the location.

I must commend Ms. Spencer for her communications with me, as all matters were attended to before and after my stay. I will recommend to you Ms. Spencer that you consider installing a photocell for all external lights as the guest do not really check on these things.

I planned to return with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren when they return to Trinidad from the USA on vacation but, will be making use of the entire villa.

I wish I could have inserted a photo with my birthday cake, but the format is not allowed. Pelican Point is a place for perfect relaxation with family and friends.

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